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Digital Experience Design and Activation

The development of immersive, interactive digital experiences and events that can be enjoyed remotely for the purpose of engaging an organization’s community of customers and prospects.

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How do we do it?

Align on Strategy

  • Prioritize events and readiness to accept an all-digital or hybrid events strategy
  • Determine scale
  • Finalize audiences, objectives and KPIs
  • Develop and discuss events Calendar and impact points
  • Provide technology and resource gap analysis and recommendations

  Design the Experience

  • Develop themes and plan content and/or tracks
  • Provide creative concepts
  • Design supplemental marketing program and orchestration
  • Surprise and delight with special moments

Activate Across Channels

  • From promotional direct mail, social campaigns, in-person environmental design, to digital marketing and demand creation, we offer full or partial agency services based on your resourcing and timeline requirements.

Campaign Manage and Enable

  • Project and program manage
  • Develop speaker/presenter toolkits
  • Orchestrate participant gifts and themed packages if applicable
  • Provide holistic event management and support where needed


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