How to Create Coordinated Campaigns With Marketing Synchrony – A Sureshot and Inverta Webinar

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How to Create Coordinated Campaigns With Marketing Synchrony

March 16, 2021 @ 12:30 PM EST


Get ready to create a customer experience that changes the way your customers see, hear and experience your brand when you attend Sureshot and Inverta’s interactive Webinar: How to Create a Winning Customer Experience Through Marketing Synchrony.

Come with your questions and get tips, insights and answers when our CEO, David York, and Inverta’s Vice President of Consulting, Kathy Macchi, engage in this interactive webinar. Moderated by Inverta’s Vice President of Marketing, Ashley Shailer, attendees are encouraged to submit questions and receive real answers.

You’ll discover how you can take steps toward a fully synchronized marketing experience by making simple changes to the way you approach five key areas of marketing:

– Project Management
– Martech
– Automation
– Data
– Testing & Machine Learning


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