Case Study
How Tenable Regained Control of their Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)

Case Study

How Tenable Regained Control of their Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)

The challenge:

Years of suboptimal MAP administration resulted in system bloat and lack of executive ownership

The MAP at Tenable had become difficult to work with. Years of reactivity without governance or rigor had led to competing workflows, complicated builds, and overall bad practice. Tenable wasn’t realizing the full value of their MAP due to layers of intricate development, and the lack of platform performance was strangling their lead response.

It became clear that a series of activities would need to be done to clean up the MAP environment, but the team at Tenable were unsure where to begin and what issues to prioritize.

The solution:

A Needs Analysis and Audit revealed a Prioritized List of Specific Items

Inverta performed a needs analysis and MAP audit to get a clear understanding of what needed to be addressed during the clean-up. Several interviews and conversations were conducted to ensure that the output of the exercise, a prioritized list of projects with specific instructions on how to proceed, specifically met the needs of the Tenable team.

Once completed, Inverta had delivered a complete map of the MAP infrastructure, including over 80,000 distinct marketing and campaign objects, specifically focusing on areas of server load inefficiencies with recommendations for archival or deletion. Additionally, Inverta recommended changes to 75% of 117 custom fields, and built internal team workflows for every MAP process, resulting in greater efficiency and ease-of-use by the Tenable team. Finally, Inverta helped Tenable improve the MAP performance by streamlining existing smart campaigns, segmentations, and campaign structures.

As important as the project itself was the continued validation that what we were doing was important. I really considered Inverta an extension of my team, continuously supporting me, and helping me communicate our progress to the most senior roles at Tenable.
Matt Mullin
Director of Marketing Operations and Technology, Tenable

The results:

63% reduction in active/triggered campaigns

54% of folders/programs were archived or deleted

75% of MAP custom fields were reviewed and 16% were deleted

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  • Industry: Cyber Exposure and Vulnerability Management
  • Company size: 1,100
  • Main Pain Point: Layers of intricate development hindering MAP platform performance

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