Persona Development and Compelling Content Creation with ChatGPT

A 4-hour training course for marketers.

  • Guidance and training on practical marketing applications for ChatGPT you can use today
  • Advice and feedback on how to adjust your prompts to get the best output
  • Interactivity with your peers and experts to discuss use cases and how they fit into a prompt sequence
  • Access to a starter prompt inventory that lets you hit the ground running

What you'll learn

This course covers how to structure ChatGPT prompts to build a buyer persona, complete with goals, roadblocks, pain points and success criteria, and use that information to create compelling content using your brand’s existing writing style. Built with an eye towards scalability, this course will help you create your prompt library to ensure your AI-assisted content is consistent, scalable and compelling.


How to structure your prompts to provide ChatGPT with the information it needs to generate compelling, tailored content

Assess your buyer’s goals to develop relevant keyword groups and themes

Differentiate marketing materials for multiple buyer personas

Produce first drafts of creative assets like social posts, blog posts, and email copy

Create image concepts to support content promotion

Workshop Sessions

 $495 per person
First Training Session
Feb 13. 12-4pm CT
Second Training Session
Mar 5, 12-4pm CT