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If your marketing activities these days feel more like a giant game of whack-a-mole than a series of intentional strategic moves, you’re not alone. In an economic climate that’s so up in the air, it’s common for marketers to shift their focus to projects that need more attention in the moment over long-term strategic planning for the future.  

After all, without quick wins to remind leaders of their importance, marketing budgets can easily find themselves on the cutting board. Gaining and maintaining stakeholder support is a concern for 16% of marketers in 2023, demonstrating just how important it is for marketing to prove its worth in the midst of uncertain times. 

However, the frenetic focus on day-to-day activities leaves little room to think about long-term strategy. Without a way to implement smart and efficient campaign planning, building for the future can seem impossible without additional headcount. 

Let’s break down the most common challenges facing marketing campaigns today, as well as Inverta’s new Campaign in a Box solution that can launch demand generation campaigns in as quickly as eight weeks.

Challenges Facing Marketers in 2023

Marketers have their work cut out for them in 2023. With increasingly limited budgets, leaders are being forced to get creative and do more with less. Indeed, 17% of marketers anticipate pivoting on strategy as their biggest challenge this year. Making changes at the drop of a hat and doing them well is especially difficult when it comes to driving traffic and putting data to good use.

Driving Traffic, Pipeline, & ROI Is Becoming More Complex

  • A 2022 CMO survey found 80% of marketers see generating predictable pipelines as their top challenge in 2023. 
  • 19% of marketers say generating traffic and leads are the biggest challenge of 2023.
  • 20% of senior marketers say proving ROI on marketing expenses is one of their top challenges.

Siloed Data & Processes Are Limiting Productivity in 2023

  • 17% of senior marketers say they need more actionable insights from their data.
  • Focusing on retention in addition to upselling and expansion is becoming more important.
  • Too many tech stacks are built in silos, and focusing on meeting business needs rather than features will be the key to success this year.

The challenges facing marketers this year are many and varied. In order to succeed now and in the future, finding a way to address these challenges in a cost-effective and timely manner is essential.

How Inverta’s Campaign in a Box Can Help

Inverta’s team of marketing consultants have been in your shoes. We know what challenges are headed your way in 2023, and that’s why we asked ourselves, what if our clients had a turnkey solution at their disposal for their next demand generation campaign? 

That would be a pretty useful tactic to have in their toolkit.

The result? Inverta’s Campaign in a Box. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a tailored and customized campaign designed to boost your pipeline without exhausting your internal resources. 

What does it include? We’re so glad you asked.

  • Program Design: Account selection, personalized messaging, customized channels, and tactics
  • Technology Augmentation: Buyer intent surge data, keyword optimization, targeted display advertising, and more
  • Program Setup and Launch: Full-service execution of the program design
  • Monitoring and Optimization: Weekly assessment of campaign performance and engagement data
  • Performance Reporting: Visibility into engagement data and content intelligence, rolled up to socialize with stakeholders

Campaign in a Box can help if:

  • You need to generate revenue, quickly
  • Your campaigns aren’t benefiting from technology
  • You don’t have the data you need to optimize your demand strategy
  • You’re under pressure to demonstrate ROI
  • You need to stretch your budget
  • Your teams are feeling overwhelmed
  • You need a new way to inject life into your pipeline 

In short, if you’re feeling the heat of increasing your pipeline without the budget to up your resources, Campaign in a Box is a great solution to work smarter when it comes to campaign planning.

Launch a Demand Gen Campaign in Just 8 Weeks With Inverta

The best part about Campaign in a Box? It’s fast. In just eight weeks, we’ll have your campaign ready to launch. By six months, you’ll start seeing tangible results reflected in your pipeline.

Learn More About Inverta

  • If you’re ready to invest in a player, coach, and trusted advisor who can move the needle for your demand generation campaigns, Inverta’s new Campaign in a Box offering can deliver. Contact us here.
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