Angela Morales-Hare

Director of Marketing Operations, Lexia Learning

Angela Morales-Hare discusses how prioritizing vulnerability in leadership roles will cultivate change.

Director of Marketing Operations and Chief of Staff at Lexia Learning, Angela Morales-Hare, has been involved in the varying maturity levels of marketing departments and staff evolution within the k12 sector.

When asked what she would tell her younger self in the beginnings of her career, Angela Morales-Hare shares she would tell her “it’s OK to be a different type of manager, ‘different’ is not ‘bad.’ Find your voice and lean into it.”

Morales-Hare is a marketing strategy expert with over 15 years of managerial experience. She has held several leadership positions at k12 companies such as Education Week, New Teacher Center, and Discovery Communications to name a few.

Appointed to lead marketing operation efforts at Lexia Learning, a renowned reading technology company, in 2020, Morales-Hare first identified a need to better align their sales strategy and marketing infrastructure. So, what does success look like in cultivating that change she says? Establishing a rapport built on trust, credibility and tactful transparency with marketing leaders and sales representatives.

Scaling marketing efforts is a challenge that growing businesses like Lexia Learning know all too well. With Morales-Hare’s lead, Lexia Learning partnered with Inverta in 2020 for a demand creation assessment. Over the course of two years, they worked together to implement a new lead management process and revenue funnel, restoring collaboration and ensuring continued momentum. The project resulted in company-wide improvements in strategy, procedure and technology. (Watch Inverta’s case study on Lexia Learning.)

Success for marketers can often feel like a moving goal post because of how quickly things shift, evolve and change. Morales-Hare believes the most underrated skill in marketing today is being cross functional, that marketing and sales should always be pushing and pulling each other in a healthy way. “If you can manage expectations, manage credibility and trust, present yourself as a subject matter expertise, while also commanding respect for the work that you’re doing, you can build consensus without creating friction.” When it comes to thought leadership especially, Morales-Hare knows a strong team relationship is vital. “You are only as good as the people who work for you.”

In this episode of Change Agents, Morales-Hare discusses:

  • The biggest challenges facing marketing leaders and where complications are arising
  • What successful leadership and change management looks like
  • How to break through the noise as we consume more and more digital information

Watch this episode to hear Morales-Hare’s perspective on how to be the type of leader that embraces risk and motivates through vulnerability. She dives deep into how an agile leadership style provides clear direction in times of uncertainty, while still encouraging to “fail fast” and feel optimistic trying new strategies.