Aleya Chattopadhyay

VP of Marketing at Procore

Aleya Chattopadhyay is Rethinking the Way Leaders Show Up for Their Teams

Aleya Chattopadhyay, VP of Marketing at Procore Technologies, talks about how she maintains transparency and openness as the executive responsible for the performance of large enterprise teams—and the challenges that go along with her role.

Maintaining transparency is easier said than done, though it’s not always for lack of trying. As companies grow and teams expand, it can be difficult for senior leaders to continue the same level of openness with the sheer volume of people they’re managing. However, VP of Marketing Aleya Chattopadhyay has found some ways to overcome this.

Chattopadhyay is an executive with over 15 years in the real estate industry and is currently a marketing leader at Procore, a construction management software platform. Her teams manage nearly all marketing facets, including brand, corporate, partner, and customer marketing. Chattopadhyay also has experience with global marketing after spending a significant part of her career at Brookfield and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

All this to say, she knows what it takes to build and maintain a healthy internal culture in the face of company growth.

In this episode of Change Agents, Chattopadhyay shares:

  • Why curiosity is the best approach for problem-solving among teams.
  • How creating partnerships among internal teams can develop stronger ties among individuals and departments. 
  • The motivation behind her goal to create a team environment that enables team members to “create the best work of their lives.”

Chattopadhyay believes prioritizing culture is essential for keeping the topic of culture-building at the forefront of her teams’ minds: “One of the important things to do is to invest in the team. And that means spending time with them and talking about culture, what kind of leaders they are and want to be, and helping them develop their leadership qualities.”

This exponential growth philosophy is a cornerstone of strong leadership, begetting solid and long-term leaders. In Chattopadhyay’s view, anyone on the team has the potential to be a leader with the right combination of coaching, investment, and support. In fact, she is a strong proponent of bringing in facilitators to help her teams exercise their leadership abilities in a safe setting. Chattopadhyay has also led groups through mergers and acquisitions, adding an additional layer of complexity to her efforts to achieve synchrony. 

Watch this episode to get Chattopadhyay’s perspective on how to properly invest in a team to get the results you want, how to approach internal culture from a team management perspective, and how synchrony comes from a strong foundation of collaboration.