AJ Josefowitz

Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant, AJ Josefowitz Consulting, LLC

Organizational Development Expert AJ Josefowitz Analyzes the Impact of Culture and Leadership on B2B Marketing

AJ Josefowitz is an organizational leadership expert with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. After an extensive career in leadership and group learning development for several manufacturing companies, he started his own consulting practice.

As B2B marketers in a rapidly changing digital landscape, time is often not on our side. Yet when it comes to cultural and leadership development, time and patience are exactly what AJ Josefowitz recommends for enduring change management practices that last.

Josefowitz is a leadership and organization development consultant with over 30 years of experience in global Fortune 500 companies. He’s coached executive leaders and designed development programs and processes for companies such as Honeywell and 3M. He also holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota and focuses his creative energy on helping executives and managers understand their team coaching styles.

In this episode of Change Agents, Josefowitz reveals:

  • How leadership plays a role in cultivating a culture of change within an organization and what marketers can do to stimulate that change.
  • Why creating harmony between sales and marketing is not just a myth, but quite feasible.
  • How leaders can invest their time to get to know their team properly—and how their teams can get to know them.

In this episode, Josefowitz uses the analogy of painting an interior room in a home to illustrate how building a relationship with a team requires a solid time investment: “If you’re painting an interior room in a house, you spend a lot of time taping to get the boundaries right—and it’s hard to do that quickly. But, once the taping is done, then painting everything else tends to go pretty quickly.”

In the B2B realm, the need to forge an inter-team relationship is especially important for sales and marketing functional groups.

Most B2B marketers could agree that remediating the tension between sales and marketing is a discussion that’s been years in the making. One of the biggest hurdles a B2B marketing leader faces daily is gaining buy-in across the organization. It can be a slow trek to get support for initiatives, campaigns, and new ideas.

Josefowitz offers a decisively simple solution: developing shared criteria so all parties are equally responsible for metrics.

Watch the interview to discover Josefowitz’s recommendations for laying the groundwork for successful sales and marketing team management. Then, dive into his suggestions for how to make an upfront investment that builds long-term rapport, trust, and integrity among all members of a B2B-driven organization.