Interview Series 2021
Where we talk with senior leaders about how they motivate, inspire, and transform their organizations for greater impact.

Meet the people who unite teams for powerful outcomes

Many B2B organizations struggle to capitalize on the impact of their marketing because of role, technology, and channel specialization. Activities are disconnected: from the audience, from the desired outcome, from each other.

Inverta is talking to senior marketing leaders on how leadership plays a role in uniting teams, and moving toward more meaningful, data-driven, synchronous marketing.

Your hosts

Ashley Shailer
Ashley Shailer VICE PRESIDENT,
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Interview 07

Aleya Chattopadhyay

VP of Marketing at Procore

Aleya Chattopadhyay is Rethinking the Way Leaders Show Up for Their Teams

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Interview 08

Scott Vaughan

Marketing Leader and CMO

Scott Vaughan on Rewriting his Go-To-Market Playbook

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Interview 06

Allison Breeding

CMO of Apptio

How CMO Allison Breeding Uses Marketing Synchrony to Get Her Team Comfortable with Experimentation

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Interview 05

Kristi Melani

Global Marketing Leader

Kristi Melani’s Career-Defining Quest to Push the Envelope in B2B Marketing

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Interview 04

AJ Josefowitz

Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant, AJ Josefowitz Consulting, LLC

Organizational Development Expert AJ Josefowitz Analyzes the Impact of Culture and Leadership on B2B Marketing

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Interview 03

Kate Slyker

CMO of General Communication Corp (GCI)

GCI CMO On Why B2B Marketing Should Be Creative & Consumer-Centric

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Interview 02

Peter Isaacson

CMO of Replicant

Replicant CMO Shares How ABM Was Born (and Where It’s Going)

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Interview 01

Margaret Herndon

Chief Marketing Officer at WestRock Company

Margaret Herndon on Resiliency and B2B Marketing Transformation

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