Increase Engagement & Martech ROI With Inverta & PathFactory

Making the most of marketing technology is an increasingly important priority for B2B marketing leaders. The market is becoming flooded with more and more martech solutions. Finding the right one and using it strategically is becoming a challenge for marketers. This problem is expected to become more and more common in the coming years.

In 2023, 75% of businesses will increase their technology budgets. 60% of marketers will invest in new software, and 56% will update their data infrastructure. To succeed, marketing campaigns need to be highly strategic, technology-empowered, and operationalized across all marketing functions.

To help marketers unify their technology and activation strategies, Inverta and PathFactory have partnered up. This collaboration will enable marketers to develop customized, captivating, and conversion-oriented experiences across their content, martech, and strategy.

Let’s break down the challenges marketers face, how Inverta’s partnership with PathFactory addresses those problems, and the benefits of applying both Inverta and PathFactory in a B2B marketing organization.

The Challenging Intersection of Technology, Strategy, & Activation

The biggest challenge B2B marketers face today is marrying the full breadth and depth of their marketing technology to their strategy. Strategy and technology both need to inform the other. Still, without the right expertise and focus, it’s all too easy for marketing teams to fall into the trap of trying to activate a strategy without the right tools.

For example, personalization is an increasingly important aspect of content campaigns. Too many campaigns lack:

  • Strategy driven by a deep understanding of the martech stack.
  • Insights from relevant and robust analytics tools.
  • Efficiency, ease-of-use, or scalability.

In the current market, impersonal email campaigns and webinar invites aren’t driving as much value as they used to,” said Dev Ganesan, PathFactory CEO and President. “B2B revenue teams understand that their buyers want personalized and relevant content experiences, yet this is difficult to provide without the right tech stack.

That’s where Inverta and PathFactory’s partnership comes in. Together, we can help companies enrich their marketing strategies and drive revenue by closing the gap between idea and execution, technology and strategy.

The Inverta & PathFactory Approach

So, how does it work? Inverta and PathFactory work together by applying Inverta’s strategic expertise in strategy design and technology activation to PathFactory’s platform so marketers can deliver personalized and automated marketing experiences.

Inverta and PathFactory’s combined approach is unique in several ways. Together, we help B2B marketers like yourself by:

  • Content Strategy and Development: Without a solid content strategy, organizations find it difficult to effectively engage with their target audience, improve their brand image, and ultimately drive conversions. Inverta can assist by auditing what exists, identifying gaps and making recommendations that will create a content map that will effectively speak to their audience.
  • PathFactory Execution Services: Designed to help businesses get the most out of the PathFactory platform, our team will build, manage and optimize PathFactory tracks to ensure that they are delivering the desired results. Additionally, we will help develop use cases that integrate PathFactory into a company’s campaign planning process, which helps to make it a standard channel used across your team.
  • Building Your Tech Strategy: If you’ve ever struggled to prove the ROI of your tech investment, it’s likely because you lack the right strategy to leverage the technology in support of your GTM strategy. We can help guide you through auditing the tech you have, assessing new technologies, and building the use cases to integrate and bring your tech stack to life.
  • Helping With Enablement & Change Management: A fully integrated tech ecosystem, when operating at its fullest potential will require the team to change the way it does things.  So enabling the team on the new processes and investing in change management will ensure your teams fully adopt and put tech investments to use.

We work with clients to operationalize and optimize personalization across messaging, content, and the overall experience with a client’s brand,” said Kathy Macchi, Inverta’s Executive Vice President of Innovation. “Together, Inverta and PathFactory make it easier to bring a B2B marketer’s innovative vision and strategy to life.”

The Outcomes: Improve Engagement, Personalization, & Tech Insights

Ultimately, an Inverta and PathFactory partnership makes sense because of the improved outcomes and ROI that marketing teams can experience when combining the two together. After all, companies who invest in deeper customer data analytics and can apply their findings to strategy make better choices, save money, and come up with more innovative products and services that their customers want.

By applying Inverta’s expertise to PathFactory’s platforms, you can experience benefits like:

  • Increased engagement for your target audiences.
  • Accelerated revenue through personalized content experiences.
  • More audience insights, and content performance data that drives strategy.

Together, we can help your company have a smarter strategy, more connected technology, and accelerated revenue growth. Learn more about martech ROI and how Inverta and PathFactory can help your B2B marketing organization activate technology and improve your strategy. 

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