Client Partner

The client partner sets the strategic direction of every account and project.


What You'll Do

*This is a remote role.*

The role of a Client Partner is three-fold:

  • Manage and deliver on client projects on-time, profitably and with standout results ensuring value is
    delivered from the client’s point-of-view with an eye to driving additional services and projects.
  • Grow your current client book of business by
      • Building relationships with the marketing executives and team at your clients with the goal of becoming a trusted advisor (deep marketing experience and expertise but always with their best interests at heart).
      • Developing intimate knowledge of the client’s business to be able to recommend additional services and project work that align with and add value for the company.
  • Be a shining example to your team of the consummate team leader: roll-up your sleeves and get the work done type of person, creative problem-solver, thought leader, fair yet firm in your business and team dealings and someone who brings fun and a bit of joy to every project and team.

Project Work

Managing the team to successfully deliver on projects is the first basic job of Client Partner. Unless the client sees value from their current engagement, it will be that much more difficult to grow the account. To be successful on this front requires understanding the key stakeholder’s needs and being cognizant of how those needs are articulated in the SOW and being clear at the outset of the project what is being delivered, how it will be delivered and when it will be delivered. Equally important as the client’s needs are your teams’ needs. Understanding your
team’s capabilities and constraints, anticipating any concerns and issues and being clear on expectations and deliverables is critical to a successful team outcome.

Grow the Business

At the heart of the Client Partner’s role is to profitably grow their book of business at each client, if warranted.


Becoming a trust advisor takes time. Your job is to build towards that over the course of the project by:

  • Exhibiting care and providing some evidence that the client’s interests are as important to you as
    yours are.
  • Giving advice, not as if it were an objective, rational exercise based on your knowledge and expertise, but rather an emotional duet played between the advisor and client.
  • Being understanding, thoughtful, considerate, and supportive.

Understand the Business

Know me, know my business are the 2 key pieces of knowledge to growing business at an account. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Understanding their point-of-view and situation coupled with your experience is how you help your clients. Your customers are very smart people. Their business has been successful. But each are in their own stage of growth or development which brings its own unique set of challenges. Understanding that nuance is where the value can be added.

Team Lead + Contributor

Being the expert is not enough. This is a team effort. Each member, including you, contributes in their own personal way. One of your many roles is to bring out the best of each team member. To have each feel they were instrumental in the project outcome and contributed value. As the leader, you carry your fair share of the work, you are clear about expectations, timelines and deliverables of others and you maintain high standards. To keep a high-performing team means you acknowledge good work, provide helpful guidance when members fall short and maintain an environment where people are excited to be assigned to your team.

The Details

Account Management

You’ll manage approximately 5-7 accounts where your job is to successfully and profitably deliver projects across our full spectrum of marketing services. This is done in concert with a team of consultants, program managers, technologists, etc. that you’ll be leading to deliver the project. In addition, you’ll work with the executive and service operations team to ensure the project is delivered on-time and profitably.

Service Delivery

You’ll deliver Inverta’s B2B marketing consulting services and create new services as the marketing landscape dictate and/or client needs require them.
Inverta’s services fall into these 3 categories:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Operational Consulting (Buyer Journey, Process and Infrastructure, Data, Tools & Tech)
  • Campaign Management and Agency Services

Team Management

Service delivery is a team effort. Leading and managing a successful team requires: you to have:

  •  Clear, effective and directive communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills to help you monitor progress and keep team members motivated.
  • Ability to delegate tasks to individual team members.
  • Leading by example.
  • Demonstrating a confident work ethic.

Business Development with Sales

You will grow your account through understanding your marketing stakeholders and their unique situation and working collaboratively with sales to recommend additional services that are needed by your client. This is a proactive activity where regular meetings are held to discuss customer status, health and future needs.

What You’ll Need

The goal at Inverta is to be the premier and notable firm that can help B2B organizations build and implement
world class marketing and pipeline building initiatives. Proven leader, great interpersonal skills, creative problemsolving skills, and organizational skills are essential– along with a personal commitment and passion for the role.

Essential background characteristics are:

  • Consulting experience preferred or a strong track record in one of our service areas
  • 15-20 years of experience in B2B marketing and demand generation, with 10+ years in a leadership role, preferably in leading a high-performing marketing teams in a b2b environment
  • Proven ability to build strong executive client relationships
  • Strong executive presence and ability to present, collaborate and influence senior marketing and sales leaders
  • Aptitude and passion for both strategy formulation and program execution
  • Enthusiasm for growing your accounts through value-added service offerings
  • Ability to play an active role on a leadership team; must be able to discuss and debate with the other senior leaders, when necessary
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with internal stakeholders and cross-functional team members (services, sales, support, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, are essential.
  • Commitment to provide the client with best-in-class marketing deliverables and advice

Who You Are

  • Self-aware, collaborative, open to and seeks feedback. Transparent.
  • Entrepreneurial and driven personality, relentless go-getter.
  • Externally oriented, ambitious and driven to be the market category leader
  • Ability to complete multiple tasks and high volume of work on deadline in pressure situations.
  • Focused: able to detect signal from the noise, identify solutions, and prioritize execution.
  • Believes in truly getting to know people, invests in high-trust, high respect relationships and provides healthy feedback proactively
  • Enjoys helping and coaching others to be successful.
  • Must be a team player with a “can-do” attitude who is not afraid of bringing new ideas to the table and willingness to try new things


Compensation consists of the following elements:

  • A base compensation commensurate the role and responsibilities above
  • Variable compensation based on commissions of gross profit revenue delivered in your accounts