/ B2B Campaign Planning Process

B2B Campaign Planning Process

The right B2B marketing campaign planning framework can bring a marketing strategy to life. The B2B campaign planning process is a cross-functional approach to campaign planning with agreed-upon service-level-agreements, timelines, check-points and outputs.

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The B2B Campaign Planning Process

Establish a Marketing Council and Define the Process

  • Define the inputs, outputs, roles and responsibilities for the 7 categories of the campaign planning process
  • Determine a RACI for each set of tasks within the category.
  • Decide on meeting cadences, SLAs, and decision-gates

Model where your revenue will come from

  • Right mix of solutions?
  • From new customers vs. existing?
  •  What is the achievable mix of programs that will get you to your revenue number?

Begin the Campaign Ideation Process

  • With the process defined and revenue goals determined for the year, you can start the campaign ideation process. When complete, you should have the themes and programs for six-to-twelve months of marketing and sales enablement activity.


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