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Data-Driven Marketing Webinar Series: Data and Content (Session 2)

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Session Two:
Data and Content: The relationship that you’re (probably not) leveraging

Ashley Shailer – Senior Associate, Consulting – Inverta
Elle Woulfe – Modern Marketing Leader, former Vice President of Marketing at Pathfactory

If the marketing pendulum swings back and forth between art and science, it can be argued that content resides somewhere closer to art. However, Elle Woulfe will discuss how the data you have can bring some evidence-based ideas to the messaging refinement and content origination process.

Ashley Shailer
By: Ashley Shailer
Ashley has spent more than ten years designing and implementing world-class demand creation and lead management strategies that leverage the latest in marketing technology. She’s held client-side and analyst roles in marketing systems and marketing operations, and consulting roles that leverage her unique expertise in lead nurturing, account-based plays, content, messaging, and social media strategy for more than 40 clients.

In her spare time, she can be found enjoying a good super hero movie, a solid single malt, and dessert (not necessarily in that order).
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Ashley Shailer
By: Ashley Shailer

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